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Additional Diabetes Information:

Self esteem or confidence is treated as the best medicine to withstand in the society with positive sense. Now the whole world is in a conclusion that diabetes, whether it is type 1 or type 2, is a chronic condition. How can survive a patient with diabetes whom he knows that he has chronic disease? He knows whatever the medication he under gone; the result will not be a final solution. In this circumstance, here arise the focal questions how one can withstand in the society with such a defeated mind? It depends upon the self esteem or the confidence of the particular patient with diabetes. Before going in to details let us examine what is self esteem and what are the factors that influence ones self esteem.

Self esteem is the feeling that you should be treated well. In other words the feeling that you are as important as other people and that you deserve to be treated well. Our society is the mixture of variety category people. Their attitudes towards a particular thing are different from person to person. This perception is also applicable to patient with diabetes. Self esteem may be broadly classified into two categories. One is low self esteem and other is high self esteem. All the human beings in the society are comes under one of these categories.

Ones self esteem is establishes in his character definitely in the teenage period. Every one has some type of ideals to follow things. Their acts and talks definitely will influence the attitudes and the mind settings of the youngsters. The teenagers gives immense important to the criticisms which generate from these ideals. If any criticise one action without considering his mental age – whether its object is to make positive changes – the result may not be positive.

Let us come to compare ones self esteem who is suffering from a chronic disease. Every one knows he will be in low self esteem. He understands that no flourish dreams are with him. In these contest, how we can build up a high self esteem for patient with diabetes? As we discussed above he possesses a chronic condition. Definitely he is in low self esteem. Building up high self esteem is necessary to these patients with diabetes because one can't withstand in the society without medication. There should be a wish or hope in his mind also.

In the very beginning of the treatment, the doctor must make aware of the patient with diabetes about what diabetes is and how it occurs. The doctor can advise him to do regular exercise and can explain him how it helpful to the body for converting the extra deposited glucose to energy. The doctor can point out the specific people who are still in good health which attained through these regular exercises. This will make a rise of hope in his life. He may begin to turn back to his life. In addition to these advices doctor can dictate him exact diets. This will reduce the chance of extra deposition of sugar in the blood.

Doctor should make convincing that patients with diabetes can practice all the suggestion he has put forward. Encourage him to do it for their life. The interference with love and care will change their attitudes of these patients. Through this successful orientation the self esteem of patient with diabetes will change in positive manner.

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