Type Diabetes

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is one of the major causes of disability and death in United States of America. This metabolic disorder renders the body unable to produce enough insulin that is required for smooth functioning. Diabetes further leads to other critical diseases like obesity, heart failure, cardiac arrest, etc. It is not curable, but controllable. It can be controlled with help of insulin injections and different medicines. These medicines prove to be habit-forming and also cost a lot. An attractive and inexpensive method to control diabetes is to switch to home remedies. These home remedies prove to be extremely effective in taming the disorder and cost nearly nothing. Here are 10 best home remedies you can try in order to control your diabetes.

1. Stir two teaspoonfuls of Greek Clover seeds powder in warm milk and consume regularly. Alternatively, seeds can be taken wholly also.

2. Consume parslane seeds with half a cup of water everyday for four to five months. Enhances production of natural insulin in body, and thus controls diabetes.

3. Soak about 15 grams of cleaned mango tree leaves in about 250 milliliters of water for whole night. Squeeze them in water so that the juice from leaves gets mixed with water. Mixture should be consumed daily first thing in the morning. It is an excellent remedy to control beginning diabetes. Alternatively, leaves can be dried in shade and powdered for later use to be taken twice daily with water.

4. Consume juice of 4-5 bitter gourds first thing in the morning. Remedy is extremely beneficial in long run and gives immediate results.

5. Try to consume citrus pardisi on a daily basis. It can also be included in regular diet. It is an outstanding home remedy to control diabetes.

6. Juice of neem tree leaves proves to be beneficial in controlling diabetes when taken first thing in the morning on a regular basis.

7. Regular intake of around 10 full-seasoned curry leaves for about three months helps in controlling diabetes.

8. Consume one tablespoonful of Indian gooseberry juice mixed in one cup of bitter gourd juice. Consume daily for two months. Can be taken first thing in the morning. Enhances production of natural insulin.

9. Regular consumption of string bean pod tea over a period of time enhances production of natural insulin.

10. Mix equal parts of juice of parijataka and bilva, and consume once a day. Remedy gives assured results.

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