Type Ii Diabetes Diet

Additional Diabetes Information:

Diabetes is of two types: Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes and both of them are caused due to different conditions. This condition can be caused due to several different reasons; sometimes, diabetes is congenital or present during the birth. Unfortunately, there is no cure for diabetes; however, there are medications and self help methods that help in alleviating the symptoms of this condition. Among these self help methods, the most effective is following a strict diet, known as diabetic diet.
It is a common knowledge that when suffering from diabetes, one should completely cut down on sugar as it further increases the blood sugar level which can be harmful. But along with it, there are several foods to avoid with diabetes like excess or refined carbohydrate containing foods, starch, sugary foods, etc. These need to be completely excluded from the diabetic diet or eaten in extremely moderate amounts, and that too, in rare occasions. Let us take a look at the basic diabetic diet guidelines in detail.

* First and the foremost recommendation is to consult the doctor and know what are the foods that need to be avoided when suffering from diabetes. It is wise to eliminate these foods from the diet. Initially, it may seem difficult, but remember that it will help in keeping the condition under control.
* There are several foods like fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, whole wheat products, meat, that are good for diabetics to eat. You can go through the list of foods for diabetics to eat and modify your diet accordingly.
* You should have smaller and frequent meals in order to avoid being hypoglycemic. You should have smaller meals, or snacks every 2-3 hours and not stay hungry for long.
* When planning your diabetic diet meal plan you should see to it that carbohydrates are evenly distributed all day long. If you have a moderate portion of sugar or refined carbohydrates at any meal during the day, you should make sure that you do not have it in your other meal.
* It is essential to go for high protein, high fiber and low carb diabetic diet. Proteins are essential to gain energy and can be obtained from fish, eggs, lentils and beans. Fibers can be gotten from green leafy vegetables and fruits. Fibers are very important as they help in slowing down the release of glucose in the body and hence, are one of the important parts of your diabetic diet menu.
* Lastly, alcohol should be avoided or consumed in moderate amounts as it contains excess calories which can be harmful for diabetics. Secondly, it also leads to obesity and can affect the blood sugar. Check out the diabetic diet menu ideas for a healthy diet and implement it.

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