Type Two Diabetes Symptoms

Additional Diabetes Information:

Type 2 diabetes is an adult-onset diabetes and it is a chronic condition that can affect the way in which the human body metabolizes sugar, which is otherwise called as glucose. As this is the important source of fuel for the body, patients with this condition lack energy level to a great extent. With this condition, the human body will resist the effects of insulin, which is the hormone that takes care of the movement of sugar into the cells or does not produce enough insulin for maintenance of a normal glucose level.

Symptoms of type-2 diabetes: Generally, the symptoms of this disease develop slowly and even there are chances that an individual will have this disease unidentified for long. However, here are some symptoms that can help an individual to get a doubt whether he has this health issue:

  1. Frequent urination and increase in the level of thirst
  2. Increase in hungry feeling
  3. Loss of weight
  4. Fatigue
  5. Blurred Vision
  6. Frequent infections and slow healing of wounds
  7. Areas of darkened skin.

In the case of above-mentioned symptoms, it is recommended that the individual should get the blood and urine sugar level tested to find whether he/she has diabetes. If diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the individual can rely on home remedies for type-2 diabetes and can keep the blood sugar level under control. Before getting into the details about home remedies, it is better to understand the causes behind this health issue:

Causes of type-2 diabetes: In general, type-2 diabetes develops, when the pancreas ceases the production of enough insulin or when the body becomes resistant to the insulin produced by the pancreas. Even though, what actually happens is not known, it is stated the environmental factors, inactivity and excess weight along with genetics play an important role in acquiring this disease.

How does insulin work?

Insulin is the hormone that comes from the gland that is located behind and below the stomach called as pancreas. It is secreted into the bloodstream and it normally circulates in the body for enabling the sugar to enter the cells and it is helpful in lowering the level of sugar in the blood stream of humans. When insulin secretion reduces, the sugar level cannot be lowered, thereby leading to diabetes. However, home remedies for type-2 diabetes will help in regulating the insulin secretion in pancreas.

Home remedies: Men and women with type-2 diabetes can conveniently use Diabec capsules as home remedies for type-2 diabetes. The reason is that these capsules can be purchased over the internet, right from the comfort of homes and the patients can get the same effective herbal remedy right to their doorsteps. These capsules are made up of effective herbal ingredients to bring the intended results for patients. The safe ingredients are neem, amla, gurmar, jamun, subhra bhasma, haldi and jawadi kasturi.

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