What Are Diabetes

Additional Diabetes Information:

Today diabetes is not an unknown term; this disease is widely spread all over the world. The numbers of patients are increasing day by day, no matter what will be the age of the person. Today, even children are suffering from this disease. Diabetes is a disease which is caused when the blood sugar level in body of the individual goes up and insulin is forming in the body adequately. If the insulin is not formed then there will be improper functioning of the body cells. Diabetes is not death punishment. It is said to be a lifestyle ailment that if the person manages it, he or she can live a healthy life. Before going for any medication, one must consult the physician.

Herbal cure of diabetes

When an individual is looking for a long term beneficial treatment with no side effects, then he or she must under the treatment which is natural and safe. Here are some tips which are useful in treating this ailment.

First and the most important tip or idea to cure diabetes is to have rich diet which is full of fibre, lower level of carbohydrates, less amount of protein, and low level of glycemic index. Following these simple tips of diet, one can control their blood sugar level.

Herbal cure- herbal or ayurvedic medicines for diabetes, plays a significant role in treating the patients of diabetes. Some of the natural herbs like curry leave, garlic, fenugreek seeds, amla, triphala, madhuca are the best medicines. Having 8-10 fresh curry leaves in a day for around 12 weeks will give good results. Many people find good improvements in their diabetes after having fresh curry leaves.

Physical Exercise- physical fitness is very important in living a healthy life. People who lack exercise in their daily routines are more prone to diseases as compared to the people who are doing exercises on regular basis. Exercise will helpful in improving the well being of an individual. Lower level of bad cholesterol and higher level of good cholesterol will be helpful in living a healthy and fit life.

Dry the black seeds of plum and make a powder of them. After that, take only 3 gms twice in a day and is definitely helpful in curing this disease.

Fenugreek seeds are also very beneficial in treating and diagnosing this ailment. Soak 250 gms of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Crush them in morning and after sieving with cloth, drink this water. Following this remedy for around two weeks helpful in overcoming the problem of diabetes.

Avoid intake of rice and starch. Sleep in day time is not god for health and drink water in gulps is important tips for diabetic patients.

Avoid all types of sweets, clarified foods, food made of refined flour, smoking, intake of alcohol, and any other drugs. These all are harmful for the patients of diabetes.

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